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2muchag _ T-shirt
2019, the year things got even worse. Commemorate it with this unique t-shirt by the JPTB design wing, hand printed in the JPTB factory. Who else would print a t-shirt of themselves? Designed in 2019, issued in 2020 so already a "Vintage" item. A limited initial run of 15. But we will milk it. All proceeds go towards next CD recording. Thank you X John
- Discography
Working For The Man - Single & Video
2 Much Ag - Single
Our Very Last Dance - Single & Video
Ruling Class - CD
fUKt - Single & Video
Reduced To Clear - EP
No Incinerator - KLWIN support single, free download
Smoke On The Wash - KLWIN support CD
workingfortheman _ Working For The Man _ _
An epic lament to the dismal world of work, procedures, protocols.
2muchag _ 2 Much Ag
We deserve better, and so do the chickens
ovld _ Our Very Last Dance _ _
Frack till you drop - every last drop of blood, sweat, and goodwill...
ruling class _ Ruling Class
10 track enhanced CD + fUKt video
fukt _ fUKt _ _
First single from Ruling Class

"It is not the people but experts themselves who do not know what they are doing". Slavoj Zizec

The Stooges take up organic gardening.

j p t b _ Reduced To Clear
4 track EP
It Costs The Earth _
Bad Mood _
I Believe _
I Resign _
CD : 5.00 inc. p&p
contact : john@jptb.co.uk
Charlotte Du Cann - March 2010
the creative edge of low-carbon culture
where punk meets climate change and en route kills the buddha on the road.
...Four songs - uncharted territory - a civilisation that's shifting away from the personal to the collective
and all our resistances to becoming real people. more

Mark Watson - Feb/ March 2010
"We're not really background music," John Preston told me last autumn on the phone. I thought that meant they were very loud, which John assured me was the case. more
klwin _ No Incinerator
Recorded in a two and a half rage, and rush released in support of KLWIN.

"Who's got their noses in the trough, while the locals start to cough?"

MP3 : Free download _
The raw tracks for No Incinerator are also available at soundcloud.com/no-incinerator, for remixes, recycling, mutilation, anerobic digestion - anything but incineration. I'd like to compile a collection of remixes for a final squeeze of juice from this idea. Check out Bleeps and Things' "Darrens Dirty Dub Mix" on the "Smoke on the Wash" CD.
j p t b _ Smoke On The Wash
13 songs by local musicians, poets and vegetable retailers, recorded and compiled in support of KLWIN's resistance to big waste by big money.

Featuring :
The John Preston Tribute Band
Cary Outis
William Alderson
Jonathan Toye & the Rainbow Warriors
Alexandra Kemp & the Incinerettes
Nico & the Downham Underground
Captain Black & the No Stars
The Prodigal Son
Bleeps & Things
Veg Boy (feat. Jay Pee & Les Lee)
Smoke Stack Rat Pack
CD : 5.00 inc. p&p
contact : john@jptb.co.uk